The Final Spoonful of Honey


Having almost reached the end of the semester, we thought it would good to reflect on our experience with the Community Bees so far. It has been fun, enriching, sometimes difficult and challenging too, but overall we had a great time as a team.

We ran a number of fun events, starting from our Pub Quiz at Southside social. This provided an opportunity to introduce ourselves to other students from the EES programme, and to get to know each other in a friendly context. It also allowed us to find out how many people were interested to attend our event and work toward building the Community. Overall, we had a great turnout and very positive feedback.

Enjoying pints and socialising at the Pub Quiz!

Following the Pub Quiz, we started to think about what to do next. Since it was getting close to Christmas and to get into the festive spirit, we held a Christmas Ceilidh which provided a well needed distraction from exams. It was an unexpected success due to the amazing turnout, the great music, and the £ 300 raised for the Scottish Wildlife Trust.

When ecologists show their dance moves…

As semester 2 started, we hosted another fun pub quiz at Moriarty Bar and helped with the organisation of the Art/Science Exhibition held in King’s Buildings. These events also proved to be popular across year groups and the impact of the Community BEES has been noticed by staff members too.

The Crew Building all decorated and artsy!

After the experience gained so far, we reflected on past events and how to make future ones even more successful. Our priority now is trying to recruit new members which will take place over the Community Bees next year. We are really happy about the enthusiasm and commitment of first years, who are regulars at our events and seem very keen to join the Community in the future.

We’ve also been thinking of creative ways of fundraising, such as selling Community BEES jumpers and t-shirts and having a cake sale. As the weather gets nicer we might take the chance to host a barbecue in the Meadows and do other outdoor activities. We are obviously looking forward to see many of you for a fun day in the company of our eco-pals!

Spring is the best season in Edinburgh to enjoy barbecues, sport and fun activities outside!

We think that the creation of the Community Building Team has had a very positive impact on most year groups. We noticed that first years especially took advantage of our social events as a chance to get to know each other and now seem to be a tightly knit year group. Fourth years believe that this is a great achievement since we were not offered such an opportunity and it took us a longer time to recognise our peers.

Other than all the fun we had being part of Community BEES, this experience also enabled us to develop a range of skills, such as communication, team-work, time-management, organisation, problem-solving…which will all be useful for your future life!

We’ve found it a very rewarding experience and we think you should all get involved!


Author: communitybees

Community BEES! We are a new society at the University of Edinburgh which attracts anyone who is enthusiastic about ecology , the environment and pretty much caring for the planet. The main aim of this society is to create a welcoming and fun environment. The society allows students ,with a common interest, to share ideas, talk about the courses and meet people across year groups. With a supportive team and amazing volunteers, this society is thriving! BEErillant events are hosted throughout the year ranging from learning workshops, walks outdoors and evening pub crawls. We are all buzzing to share the events with you! Yours Truly, Community BEES

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