The See and Inspire Art/Science Exhibition!

During the Festival of Creative Learning, the Community BEES collaborated with Dr. Christina Coakley to put on the See and Inspire Art/Science Exhibition! The event was a great opportunity for students and staff to express their artistic talents, drawing inspiration from ecology and the underappreciated aspects of the natural world. Submissions included photographs, painting and even sculptures, such as the one seen below, which was created by Pippa Stone.

Pippa’s super sculpture

The event took place on the 23rd February at the Crew Building, the home of ecology at Edinburgh Uni, and the ecologists turned up in force! Undergraduates, post-graduates and staff enjoyed a pleasant afternoon of culture, art and, most importantly, free wine. For the first hour or so, guests mingled and explored all the nooks and crannies of the Crew Building, with art on display from the basement all the way up to the attic. They were then asked to vote for their favourite student and staff submissions.  A talk from The Arty Scientists on the importance of communicating science in new, creative and more accessible ways. They discussed their workshops in which they demonstrated the effect of pollution using pink litmus paper.

Following the talk, the Community BEES team at the event headed downstairs to meticulously count the votes and crown a winner, in a process arguably as complicated as the Eurovision Song Contest. Several hours (or minutes) later, they emerged from the depths of the Crew Building, prizes in hand, and announced the eagerly anticipated results to the crowd. The winners were as follows:



Best Undergraduate Piece: Gabrielle Cathala

3rd Place: Ribanna Dittrich

2nd Place: Pippa Stone

1st Place: Andy Griffiths


Best Staff Piece – Kathryn Murphy

With the formalities finished, an ensemble band of ecologists delighted the crowd with some folky tunes. There were recorders, accordions, mandolins, and there was even an impressive cameo from Dr. Margaret Graham on the double bass!

Too much talent for one photo!

This was a good chance for attending undergraduates to expand their horizons and to talk to their seniors about their work and the ins and outs of ecological research and careers in academia. It was also a super opportunity for us to advertise the role of the Community BEES to a wider audience compared to the regular attendees of our events, and to receive feedback on our future role within the School of GeoSciences.


Author: communitybees

Community BEES! We are a new society at the University of Edinburgh which attracts anyone who is enthusiastic about ecology , the environment and pretty much caring for the planet. The main aim of this society is to create a welcoming and fun environment. The society allows students ,with a common interest, to share ideas, talk about the courses and meet people across year groups. With a supportive team and amazing volunteers, this society is thriving! BEErillant events are hosted throughout the year ranging from learning workshops, walks outdoors and evening pub crawls. We are all buzzing to share the events with you! Yours Truly, Community BEES

One thought on “The See and Inspire Art/Science Exhibition!”

  1. This looks like good fun and a great opportunity for staff and students to chat.
    Reflection Points- One person per question (for people completing the Edinburgh Award), initial at the end of the response.

    1. Do you have any ideas for ways to improve discussion between staff and students at this sort of event?
    2. What skills do you feel you developed via helping out with the event?
    3. Did you have a rough idea of the attendance of undergraduates and how could this be improved in the future?


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