Olympic BEES Pub Crawl

On Thursday the 8th of February, the Community BEES had its first ever event as an official society. The pressure was on to make this a good one, a night to remember!


Days of planning were required. The community BEES team, including enthusiastic volunteers, got together to set in stone the initial idea of the pub crawl.  We knew that the most difficult and time consuming part of planning the event would be finding the venues. Combining all our knowledge on the pubs of Edinburgh we emailed, phoned and directly spoke to pubs to book the best ones on the required day.

In the end we decided on Diablo Loco, Teviot, Vodka Revolution and The Pear Tree.

We were all excited to start planning the fun games and activities.  Another meeting was organised in which the BEES meant business. We brainstormed the types of activities that would take place at each venue… So what did we come up with??

Diablo Loco: Boat Race followed by a riddle leading to the next venue

boat race

Bristo square/ Teviot:  A triatholon followed by the riddle


Vodka Revolution: Arm wrestling


Vodka Revolution to The Pear Tree: 3 legged race.


The Pear Tree: Beer Pong

beer pong

During the planning stages, we ensured that the night would run smoothly, without any confusions and the time was managed well.  Therefore, Larissa, from the community BEES board, was voted as the person to oversee the night to ensure each activity was running on time and the points of each activity were recorded.  Also at each venue, 2/3 volunteers of the event would be in charge of running the event. This ensured that each activity was well organised.

At Diablo Loco, students were split into teams . We ended up having 5 teams of 6 with a mix of 1st – 4th years. Each team was given a face paint crayon to represent there team in a unique, colourful way.

The teams were given points for competing. 1st- 5 points , 2nd- 3 points , 3rd – 1 point.

The event started at 8pm and ended up finishing at midnight! The event was regarded as a huge success. We could clearly see that students were having fun! They were laughing, participating in all the activities and spoke positively of the night. Competitive vibes were flowing with shouts of encouragement at each pub from each of the teams!


The beautiful McEwan Hall hosts the Olympic Games!

pub crawl

In the end the winning team was the “Blue” team, who were lucky enough to each get a vegetable box from the hearty squirrel.



Thank you everyone who made the night amazing.

Your Truly,

The Community BEES



Heel, Toe, Here We GO

The team divided the responsibilities for the event up into venue booking, band booking, marketing & sales and a bake sale at the event. After consulting several venues, we opted for Lauriston Hall and in a similar manner for the band we found The Seven Hills Ceilidh band.

Once the Band and Venue were sorted we began really pushing the ticket sales and managed to get a sizeable portion of our ticket capacity sold prior to the event which allowed us to estimate the turnout on the night and also act as guidance for the people preparing for the bake sale.




The event began with the team putting up posters guiding guests to the venue. Water Jugs were laid out, lighting set and a guest list and table set up to greet our guests. A rota was created to delegate jobs to volunteers to ensure that all required tasks were being fulfilled whilst allowing time for everyone to get involved in the dancing and party atmosphere.


A steady stream of guests began to arrive as the band began to play which made for a pleasant welcome for everyone as they entered the venue. There was a good representation from all year groups and from a variety of other areas of the university and beyond. Once a sizeable group had gathered in the hall the first dance instruction began and everyone got involved immediately which as organisers was amazing to witness. Once the first couple of dances were complete, the organising team took to the stage to welcome everyone and to introduce the charity “Elpis” that we were raising money for and to give a representative of the charity the chance to say a few words.



Once the formalities were out of the way the party kicked off and everyone seemed to be having a great time. The team worked well together to ensure that the bake sale was going well, water was kept topped up, the door welcome was maintained and general assistance was always on hand to help the guests.

At the end of the evening everyone commented on how much they enjoyed their time there and how much they looked forward to another one. The team got together and allocated the clean-up tasks and left the venue as requested.

This event was a great success and left a lasting impression on the students.





Environmental Science students BEEYourself!

Welcome to the Community BEE blog page. First, I believe an exciting announcement is in order!

As of January 2018 the community BEES is an OFFICIAL society at the University of Edinburgh. This means we get a cool stall during the society event at freshers week, money! and people actually know who we are.

However, lets go back to the days before it was all official . Back to November 2017!

Now we all know this is a terrible, bleak period… It is semester one, exams a creeping up and we are all buried in deadlines.

Not to worry though the community BEES society was here to brighten up your day.  A colony of bees were busy in the hive thinking of ways to bring us all together and have fun.

new students, new society, new hopes .. We started off the first event with an ice breaker.

A – BEElicious- Potluck

As the first social event for the second year since their creation, the Community BEES team put on a ‘BEElicious Potluck!’, in the basement of the Forest Café on Lothian Road.



The atmosphere at the event was very relaxed and friendly, ideal for old and new members to gather and meet new people from all years. Around 30 people participated, each bringing some delicious home-made delicacies, which were labelled and displayed on a table at the centre of the room. It was all accompanied by lovely tea pots and hummus offered by the café.



When everybody arrived, the game ‘Bingo’ was used as an ice-breaker. The person who managed to fill all the boxes first won a Toblerone tablet of chocolate as a prize. The fun and laughter raised from the game made the environment even more comfortable for new acquaintances to take place.

At this point, the actual potluck began! People started trying each other’s dishes while listening to music, chatting and sharing recipes and culinary advice.


Despite the amount of food, there was always space and enthusiasm for dancing to the music.

We can say that the evening resulted in a great success! All participants seemed satisfied, happy… and full!


We were all ready to dive into the next event of the semester.

A Buzzing Pub Quiz.

On a cold November night the BEES came out of the hive and went quizzing at “Hemma”… How did they get on?

The night opened up meeting and greeting everyone. Suddenly the year groups were split up into teams and encouraged to speak to each other….


Turned out everyone got along nicely as we all shared a common interest … Ecology and the Environment!  Conversations were flying.

The event appeared a huge success as an equal representation of all year groups turned up.


Now all settled in the groups, with a pint at hand, the quizzing was ready to begin.

But first shall we all meet the notorious quiz masters????

Meet our amazing quiz masters! Go Lizzie, Sara and Fiona!


The quiz was designed with a total of four rounds. The first, obviously, was Ecology themed. Then we had the classic picture round, followed by the music round and ending the night on the almighty general knowledge round.

As the night progressed, teams got competitive and the excited energy was flowing throughout the room!

Half-way through the quizzing the BEES got a break to collect more drinks and mingle. The atmosphere was relaxed and fun.

For even more excitement prizes were given out to the team with the most creative name.  And the winners….

Sex on the BEEECH!

Now back to this quiz…

The exciting music round got people singing along. Here are some tasters; “The tide is high”, “Wetsuit”, “The Beach” and “Somewhere beyond the Sea” Do you see a relationship?….


                              The OCEAN!

It’s getting late and the quiz has come to an end. Team answers were collected, and total points were tallied up.  The winners of the Community BEES pub quiz 2017 were…..


The bees are dying !

very creative name guys. Sticking to the theme.


Overall the night was a great success with over 50 Ecological and Environmental Science Students attending.

Thank you everyone for sharing a fun and successful night with us.


The Final Spoonful of Honey


Having almost reached the end of the semester, we thought it would good to reflect on our experience with the Community Bees so far. It has been fun, enriching, sometimes difficult and challenging too, but overall we had a great time as a team.

We ran a number of fun events, starting from our Pub Quiz at Southside social. This provided an opportunity to introduce ourselves to other students from the EES programme, and to get to know each other in a friendly context. It also allowed us to find out how many people were interested to attend our event and work toward building the Community. Overall, we had a great turnout and very positive feedback.

Enjoying pints and socialising at the Pub Quiz!

Following the Pub Quiz, we started to think about what to do next. Since it was getting close to Christmas and to get into the festive spirit, we held a Christmas Ceilidh which provided a well needed distraction from exams. It was an unexpected success due to the amazing turnout, the great music, and the £ 300 raised for the Scottish Wildlife Trust.

When ecologists show their dance moves…

As semester 2 started, we hosted another fun pub quiz at Moriarty Bar and helped with the organisation of the Art/Science Exhibition held in King’s Buildings. These events also proved to be popular across year groups and the impact of the Community BEES has been noticed by staff members too.

The Crew Building all decorated and artsy!

After the experience gained so far, we reflected on past events and how to make future ones even more successful. Our priority now is trying to recruit new members which will take place over the Community Bees next year. We are really happy about the enthusiasm and commitment of first years, who are regulars at our events and seem very keen to join the Community in the future.

We’ve also been thinking of creative ways of fundraising, such as selling Community BEES jumpers and t-shirts and having a cake sale. As the weather gets nicer we might take the chance to host a barbecue in the Meadows and do other outdoor activities. We are obviously looking forward to see many of you for a fun day in the company of our eco-pals!

Spring is the best season in Edinburgh to enjoy barbecues, sport and fun activities outside!

We think that the creation of the Community Building Team has had a very positive impact on most year groups. We noticed that first years especially took advantage of our social events as a chance to get to know each other and now seem to be a tightly knit year group. Fourth years believe that this is a great achievement since we were not offered such an opportunity and it took us a longer time to recognise our peers.

Other than all the fun we had being part of Community BEES, this experience also enabled us to develop a range of skills, such as communication, team-work, time-management, organisation, problem-solving…which will all be useful for your future life!

We’ve found it a very rewarding experience and we think you should all get involved!

The See and Inspire Art/Science Exhibition!

During the Festival of Creative Learning, the Community BEES collaborated with Dr. Christina Coakley to put on the See and Inspire Art/Science Exhibition! The event was a great opportunity for students and staff to express their artistic talents, drawing inspiration from ecology and the underappreciated aspects of the natural world. Submissions included photographs, painting and even sculptures, such as the one seen below, which was created by Pippa Stone.

Pippa’s super sculpture

The event took place on the 23rd February at the Crew Building, the home of ecology at Edinburgh Uni, and the ecologists turned up in force! Undergraduates, post-graduates and staff enjoyed a pleasant afternoon of culture, art and, most importantly, free wine. For the first hour or so, guests mingled and explored all the nooks and crannies of the Crew Building, with art on display from the basement all the way up to the attic. They were then asked to vote for their favourite student and staff submissions.  A talk from The Arty Scientists on the importance of communicating science in new, creative and more accessible ways. They discussed their workshops in which they demonstrated the effect of pollution using pink litmus paper.

Following the talk, the Community BEES team at the event headed downstairs to meticulously count the votes and crown a winner, in a process arguably as complicated as the Eurovision Song Contest. Several hours (or minutes) later, they emerged from the depths of the Crew Building, prizes in hand, and announced the eagerly anticipated results to the crowd. The winners were as follows:



Best Undergraduate Piece: Gabrielle Cathala

3rd Place: Ribanna Dittrich

2nd Place: Pippa Stone

1st Place: Andy Griffiths


Best Staff Piece – Kathryn Murphy

With the formalities finished, an ensemble band of ecologists delighted the crowd with some folky tunes. There were recorders, accordions, mandolins, and there was even an impressive cameo from Dr. Margaret Graham on the double bass!

Too much talent for one photo!

This was a good chance for attending undergraduates to expand their horizons and to talk to their seniors about their work and the ins and outs of ecological research and careers in academia. It was also a super opportunity for us to advertise the role of the Community BEES to a wider audience compared to the regular attendees of our events, and to receive feedback on our future role within the School of GeoSciences.

The Community BEES Pub Quiz

For our first official event, we decided to round up students from all years of the Ecological and Environmental Sciences degree at the University of Edinburgh. But, it was not an easy job! Prior to the event, Community BEES members were assigned to different teams, each with a different duty. Louise and Eilidh did an excellent job of designing and ordering our Community BEES jumpers which arrived just in time for the event! The pub quiz design was down to Nick, Rob, Heather and Larisa. Finally, advertising was left to Andrew, Aoife, Anna, Galina, Prabina and Eleonora.

Full Community BEES Team in Uniform

After 3 weeks of organising and getting the word out, 40 students descended on Southside Social ready to get their brains interrogated and their ecology knowledge evaluated. Students were assigned to teams using a sophisticated system of coloured post-it notes. This ensured that the students could see who was in their year group and that teams contained a mix of ages.

Rounds were designed to start off easy and gradually get harder. There was a range of topics including geography, history, sport, ecology and a flower themed music round. It was a close race between first and second, with half a point between ‘Team formerly known as Norfolk in Chance’ and ‘The Hornets’.

In between rounds, the students had an opportunity to socialise over drinks and free nachos. Winners (The Hornets) were rewarded with a box of Krispy Kreme Donuts to their delight. There were consolation prizes for 2nd and 3rd place.

Free food!
Socialising between rounds











After the pub quiz ended, students finished their drinks, some ordered new ones, some danced and eventually they slowly trickled out into the night.

Feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with numerous people commenting that they couldn’t wait for our next event. Some even enquired about joining the Community BEES Team!

Special thanks to the Staff from the Southside Social who helped make the event the success it was.

A brilliant night all round!